Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanna Pin Wrestle?

Travis and the boys regularly pin wrestle. This usually involves rolling on the ground, swatting with pillows, lots of giggling, rough tough grunting, and occasionally pinning. The boys try to pin Trav's shoulders to the ground for three seconds while he does the same to them. Charlie is starting to get into it, too. He is finally deciding that all the grunting and struggling in this case is not a sign of distress.
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Laura said...

Yet another reason why you guys are so good with boys.

the4bulls said...

Charlie is too cute (as well are the other boys)~!

Aprilyn said...

I love how Charlie tries to get in the fun but he isn't quite sure where to start. "Oh, I know..I'll grab Dad's head!"
I love it when Issac said "Pin me Dad!" Too cute.
Brian and the boys do something similar and usually on our trampoline. Brian body slams the boys and they LOVE IT! Don't all boys need rough, tough play?! :)
Keep up the pin wrestling Trav. It's fun to see your little family.

Brian Blumer said...

This made me smile - especially when Charlie's squeals reminded me of my own boy's. Fun times.