Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Dad

We love our dad... this post is a little overdue. Travis worked all night the night before Father's Day. He rolled into bed just in time for us to present him with his Father's day breakfast. He doesn't normally sleep in his scrubs, well at least not at home. He has spent a lot of nights at the hospital on call the last two months. Summer time is bitter sweet for the "bone docs".
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Brian Blumer said...

mmmm. French toast, berries and cream!
Happy Father's Day, Travis! Your shirt may say "Hospital Property," but it's clear who you really belong to.

Britt d. said...

Isn't it funny what you catch in a simple picture of a dad with his boys? For instance, the youngest of them all sneaking a little piece of French toast when he thinks no one is looking. Or else their's a hurricane a comin' and he's being a good boy and holding down his dad's breakfast with his mighty forefinger. Cute.

Hall Family said...

I would not have noticed that little charlie was sneaking a bite until pointed out. haha. Your boys are such studs!