Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's Be Frank

I was playing puzzles with Charlie and Burke on the floor. Burke was sitting on my lap when he decided to throw a little tantrum. He threw his head back and hit it on my lip. Under my breath I said, "I'm probably going to have a fat lip." To which Charlie replied, "Mom, fat lips happen."

I put this in the same pool of stories with my visit to the general surgeon. We all decided it would be better to have surgery after Burke was born rather than while I was pregnant with him. When I asked what I should do in the mean time the Surgeon said, "I could give you a big shot of buck up." I give my kids a dose every once in a while just for kicks.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyday all day

He does it all day long. A time out on the stairs seems to be his preferred past time as of late. He's happy to wait on the stairs. It gives him time to plan how he is going to get up onto the counter the next time.
NOTE: The stool on the counter. Placed there following a previous incident.
NOTE: The silverware on the counter. Each piece has been lovingly slobbered and removed from its place in the open drawer. Anyone want to come for dinner?
He kept insisting no matter how many times I removed him, "Pider! Pider! Pider!" Which is to say, "I see a spider on the window screen and it should meet death by baby palm." He did discover one thing worthy of distraction...the butcher knife.
When Burke is awake there is no rest.
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random thoughts from way too early in the morning...

Burke is hardly a baby anymore. How sad.
Me walking around looking for Burke: "Burke."
Burke: "WHAT!"
So that's it all of a sudden he's a six year old?

Yesterday as we were leaving the beach Charlie said, "Mom, I wish I was still little." I'm thinking, "Are you not?" but instead I ask, "Why?" He answers, "Because then I would be really cute." If only he knew how cute I think he is. A few mornings ago he said, "Mom, I just took a guy-jantic bite!" Kind of cute.

When I sat down to type this post I had so many more random thoughts and they are all lost now. Well, as Travis and I like to say, "That pretty much proves it." It's way too early in the morning. Thanks a lot Burkey boy.