Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tattoo Show

Yep! We decided to get tattoo's and take our kids with us to watch...
...actually (if you are like me) get ready to learn something new.
tattoo-- a military display or pageantWe went to Wright Patterson Air Force Base for the fourth annual Freedom's Call 2008.
It was started to "Thank the Troops and Families by putting on a spectacular presentation of flyovers, music, narration and fireworks."

We took chairs, snacks, a wagon, umbrellas (40% chance of rain), blankets, pjs, and lots of drinks (85 degree humid weather).
The weather was what Travis likes to call "sticky" and not his idea of a good time. He was a trooper anyway. We all had a fun time.

The boys (including Trav) especially liked watching the air craft's fly over us in the sky. Most of them were too fast for me and my "around town" camera. Each time a plane flew by Charlie squealed and clapped his hands. Isaac and Theron clapped their hands, too, right over their ears. Travis typically followed the planes with a big grin, a shake of his head, and an "Oh, man!"
We met up with several families of friends and had a great time with them.

We ended the night with fireworks. Another ear plugging, hand clapping moment.
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanna Pin Wrestle?

Travis and the boys regularly pin wrestle. This usually involves rolling on the ground, swatting with pillows, lots of giggling, rough tough grunting, and occasionally pinning. The boys try to pin Trav's shoulders to the ground for three seconds while he does the same to them. Charlie is starting to get into it, too. He is finally deciding that all the grunting and struggling in this case is not a sign of distress.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Hope... boys remember their four and five year old summers. They played in the back yard for hours and hours with "the girls", Gabbi and Julianna.
They played school, learning how to color just right in order to get a sticker and an A+.
They hauled the chair cushions all over the yard making houses and forts and pathways. They ran through the sprinkler and bathed in the sun.
They turned soccer balls into coconuts and under-ripe plums into berries on their tropical getaway. They created Mexican rocks with markers and gravel and made grass nests.

They ate Popsicles and popcorn and checked on the growing tomatoes regularly, looking forward to gobbling them up. I hope they'll remember.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Splash

We finally got the chance to take the boys to the fountain park this season. We stayed until a nasty storm chased us out.
It's a fun park that we usually make it to regularly but sometimes life is crazy.
Travis, of course, did not let the boys down and got wet and wild with them in the fountains. I got a great photo of him, six pack, farmers tan and all but we'll all have to use our imaginations here because for some reason he said I could only show from the neck up (shrug).

These wild ones are not afraid to strut their stuff. Crazy hair or not they have no shame.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Dad

We love our dad... this post is a little overdue. Travis worked all night the night before Father's Day. He rolled into bed just in time for us to present him with his Father's day breakfast. He doesn't normally sleep in his scrubs, well at least not at home. He has spent a lot of nights at the hospital on call the last two months. Summer time is bitter sweet for the "bone docs".
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Friday, June 6, 2008

All Kinds of Makers

mak·er [mey-ker]
  1. a person or thing that makes.
  2. a manufacturer (used in combination): drugmaker; garmentmaker,
  3. (initial capital letter) GOD.
  4. the party executing a legal instrument, esp. a promissory note.
  5. Cards. the person who first names a successful bid.
I have concluded there are many kinds of makers; shoe makers, pretzel makers, toy makers, love makers, basket makers, policy makers, home makers, and bread makers. We just learned yesterday that aside from several of these we are definitely, positively, absolutely...BOY makers.

Five Guys and a Doll it is! We're having a boy!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mr. T

Theron is a trip to have around.
His blond hair is getting curlier and darker ever minute.
He's got lashes that make the Walmart checkers jealous and everyone wants to know where his olive complexion comes from.
He'll tell you, "Boys are better than girls because boys win."
He can tell a tale like no other boy I know, so don't ask unless you've got time.
Now that he's four he can run faster than ever before.
He loves to pin-wrestle his dad and really thinks his muscles get stronger with every bite of food he takes.
Life without Theron...we don't even want to imagine it.
Happy Birthday, Theron!!

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A [Birth]day in the Life of a Four Year Old

Theron's first waking moments as a four year old stud.

After the initial excitement wore off, Theron was too sleepy to eat the birthday breakfast he had been looking forward to all year long.
He finally started slow...he ended slow, too.

Theron invited some friends over for a last minute party. He is frequently inviting neighbors and friends over for dinner. I'm worried that one of these times someone is going to take him seriously and I'll get a little surprise. This time it was approved.

The cake.
Theron's body language while the Happy Birthday song was being taught said, "This is amazing! All of this is for me! There isn't anything cooler than this!"

The party-ers drenched each other with water balloons ......and ran through the sprinkler.

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