Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Hope... boys remember their four and five year old summers. They played in the back yard for hours and hours with "the girls", Gabbi and Julianna.
They played school, learning how to color just right in order to get a sticker and an A+.
They hauled the chair cushions all over the yard making houses and forts and pathways. They ran through the sprinkler and bathed in the sun.
They turned soccer balls into coconuts and under-ripe plums into berries on their tropical getaway. They created Mexican rocks with markers and gravel and made grass nests.

They ate Popsicles and popcorn and checked on the growing tomatoes regularly, looking forward to gobbling them up. I hope they'll remember.
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Aprilyn said...

It sounds like they are having a wonderful summer!

Anonymous said...


I hope they remember it too. They sure do have a lot of fun. I had to giggle at the coconuts that they created out of soccer balls. Oh how I enjoy having great neighboors and adorable boys for my girls to play with.

Brian Blumer said...

Thanks to you, I'm sure they'll remember. Thanks to you, I'm remembering my own childhood summers now (we made backyard nests, too), back when "Summer" meant something besides just a hotter commute to work.

Gonzalez said...

aaaahh! Gosh that's cute! At the beggining of this summer I envied Scott's mom. She is a teacher with summer vacations. That would rock!