Sunday, June 21, 2009

NOT a Booger

So half an hour after I put the boys to bed tonight I heard Charlie upstairs sneezing away. After several sneezes I decided to go help the poor kid blow his nose. He blew (he's very good at blowing his nose) and I asked him if that felt better. He continued to stick his finger up his nose saying, "Dewers a booga in dewer." It was dark so I opened the blinds to get a better look. Not good enough. I got a flash light. After shining it up his nose I realized what I thought was a string of snot was actually the reflection from this snap! My luck...there was NOT a doctor in the house. I was able to remove the snap from his left nostril with my tweezers but he keeps telling me, "Dewers a booga in dewer." I am left wondering what else he put up there and how far up he pushed it. My trusty flash light and I can't see anything more. What else could I do? I sent him back to bed.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Name that dog

Theron's fancy fancy birthday cake.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Boring Morning

I guess it wasn't exciting enough around our house this morning. Theron found me after spending quite a while in the basement and said, "Mom, like my crown?" BTW the toothpicks taped to his face are his king beard. Everyone knows all kings have beards.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday T-man

Theron turned 5 years old.
Some things I don't think I will ever forget about Theron at this age are:
  • How hard he tries not to smile when we want him to.
  • Women everywhere stop him to comment on his beautiful long lashes and his perfectly curled hair.
  • His infatuation with Star Wars.
  • He begins most of his sentences with "I have a question..." which I think means he just wants to talk.
  • How much he loves little Burke.
  • His nightly requests for leg and back rubs.
  • His draw to anything going on in the kitchen.
  • His soft curly hair because secretly...I love it too.