Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday T-man

Theron turned 5 years old.
Some things I don't think I will ever forget about Theron at this age are:
  • How hard he tries not to smile when we want him to.
  • Women everywhere stop him to comment on his beautiful long lashes and his perfectly curled hair.
  • His infatuation with Star Wars.
  • He begins most of his sentences with "I have a question..." which I think means he just wants to talk.
  • How much he loves little Burke.
  • His nightly requests for leg and back rubs.
  • His draw to anything going on in the kitchen.
  • His soft curly hair because secretly...I love it too.


I am Laura said...

Happy birthday Theron. We miss you so much. YOu are the cutest guy ever.

Britt said...

Oh handsome Theron! I assume this is a small sampling from your family photo shoot. Very lovely! Thanks for letting us celebrate his big 5 with you!

Mary said...

He sure is handsome! Happy birthday!

Natalie said...

He is such a beautiful little boy! Happy Birthday!

Sarah and Troy said...

What is it about Star Wars and five year olds anyway?

Aprilyn said...

Happy Birthday Theron! I hope you had a great birthday. May the Force Be With You.

Kristin said...

Theron truly was the most beautiful baby. I will never forget when you guys came and visited us when Theron was a baby and went to church with us--so many people commented to me how they couldn't keep their eyes off him! Look out girls of the world!

Dan and Maren said...

Holy Cow, what a little heartbreaker he is going to be. Keep him away from our girls. :) hee hee. I love the fist picture of him. Handsome boy.