Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mulchy Boys

I'm sure every family has a picture like this at this time of year. I couldn't help but be reminded of dirty summer feet when I looked back at this picture. It seems far too many summer nights we are finally getting the boys into bed long after bedtime and without a bath. Though the thought of dirty boys in clean sheets makes me crinkle my nose I can not bear to put them to bed with dirty feet. I long for the day when I can insist that they wash up before they come to dinner (or at least before they go to bed) and it doesn't involve an hour of my time. Then again, just writing that makes me long for them to just stay little.


Britt said...

Amen to that! I wish Travis would just stay little, too.

The Harvey Family said...

Summer has really messed our routines up. It seems we are always an hour late to bed, and too late to start baths. Too bad they don't make up for it by sleeping in and magically appearing clean the next morning.