Saturday, October 25, 2008


You and me both, babe.
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Friday, October 24, 2008


This came in the mail today addressed to me. I laughed out loud.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Helper

Theron is gah-gah over this babe. He can't seem to get enough of Burke. It is definitely working out to my advantage. He is waiting to hold Burke after every feeding...except at night. Maybe I should work with him on that part so I can get some sleep.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Isaac came in from playing outside and threw this phrase out in the middle of a sentence.

Can you crack it?

skitting on my nerts
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the Nick of Time

I stumbled onto this trio today sitting in front of the TV and thought, "Ooh, that can't be good."
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Isaac's Birthday-Take II

Isaac finally got to blow out the candles on Saturday. He asked for a Star Wars cake but was very sweet to settle for a fancy, fancy Jupiter cake. It is part of a galaxy after all.
Travis built a pretty stellar movie theatre room of sheets. They watched Flight of the Navigator and stuffed themselves full of candy and popcorn.
There was a lot of six-year-old boy talk. My favorite conversation was:
Jack--"My dad can rebuild a whole car."
Isaac--"My dad can rebuild all the cars in the universe."

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Day To Remember

Isaac woke up, in the early morning hours of his birthday, from a scary spider dream. Because I am a "zombie mommy" these days I quickly made him a bed on the floor in our room and we all went back to sleep.
A few hours later we kicked off the day with breakfast in bed for the birthday boy. He said, "Ah, mom you know all the foods I wanted for my birthday."

Then we sent him off to school for the day where his whole class sang to him. When he got home I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner.
He requested "Green Soup" (Spinach Curry Soup).
The boys all devoured it and asked for more. I was watching the boys and Trav trying to make a mental note of the details of the day when Isaac started throwing up. He's so considerate. It all went right back into his bowl.

After he threw up everything he had just eaten and more he said through teary eyes, "Guys, can we just wait to eat birthday cake until tomorrow?" You bet!! Poor guy.

He managed to put on a happy face while opening his presents and in between trips to the toilet. This picture makes me want to cry for the poor guy.
Holding true to tradition (throw up tradition not birthday tradition) Isaac spent the night sleeping on the kitchen floor. He couldn't get over the fact that everyone was calling him at the same time to wish him a happy birthday.

By the end of the evening the boys had all had it. Isaac was a little emotional. I'm pretty sure that wasn't his idea of a great birthday activity. As he tried to go to sleep Trav told him, "The great thing about it is that your birthday isn't over because you still get to celebrate it tomorrow with cake."
I'm wondering if Isaac will ever ask for green soup again. I have not wanted to eat a chimichanga since the day I threw one up as a little kid. Travis said he feels the same way about Sour Patch Kids.
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Boy TP Luvs His Tomatoes

I caught Trav devouring a plateful of tomato sandwiches and roasted chili. I think we had tomato sandwiches for either lunch or dinner nearly every day last month (by choice). One of my favorite memories of this habit is that Trav always eats this type of sandwich with a fork and knife. Sadly for this tomato luver the season is rapidly coming to an end. Now all winter long I will get to hear Travis ask me over and over, "Do you know what would make this meal perfect? A garden tomato." That's my boy.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ahh Bedtime

For some reason Burke's birth seems to be directly linked to Charlie's sudden inability to fall asleep at night. The last few nights have been loads of fun. Charlie seems too young to be so manipulative but for the third night in a row, in the midst of the struggle he looked up at me with those eyes and said, "I hungee." How could I possibly put a babe this little to bed on a "hungee" stomach? Well, I couldn't the first two nights but I did tonight. It took a while for him to crash. I can only assume that after he put his monkey and Fox in Socks to sleep on his pillow he decided he had no choice but to sacrifice and crash on the floor.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Much Needed Visit

My mom and dad left a few days ago. Charlie has been wandering around the house saying, "A Papa go?" His buddy is gone. The boys had a great time with Papa. He kept the tickling to a minimum and they survived it.
It sure was nice not to have to get up before the sun to pack a lunch and help Isaac get on the bus. I think Isaac preferred having Nana make his lunches. She actually asked him what he wanted to eat. She also slaved away in the kitchen, sweat over the laundry, and entertained the kids for an entire week with bit of help from Papa. Travis and my dad got a tiny bit of hunting in but were just getting warmed up when their stay here came to an end.

Now that the "Help" is gone it's back to reality. Today I vacuumed.
Baby steps...
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Boy Isaac

My friend Lois offered to take Theron and Charlie to her house today so I could get a nap. I was thrown a little curve ball this morning when Isaac woke up with an incredibly sore throat. No school for break for me. Or so I thought. A brilliant idea came to my mind to keep him occupied while his brothers got a play date and I got a nap. I had him make a list of all of the things he could do while I was taking a nap so he wouldn't have to ask me for an idea every few minutes. His list made me smile...

NED TO DO GOBS. (Need to do jobs)
KUMPOOTR. (Computer)
LEGO. (Legos)
RED. (Read)
WDOWOSH. (Wash windows--one of my favorites)
VIDOGAM (Video game)
SCOOBDOOH VIDO. (Scooby-doo video)

Friday, October 3, 2008

A few more

Leaving for the hospital. Travis was really straining to push his belly out this far.
I knew the pain was coming to an end when I heard a screechy baby sound.
Burke was so funny. He insisted on trying to open his eyes but could not seem to keep them open. He just kept blinking and blinking.

Mom and babe

Dad and babe
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meet Burke

Burke William just arrived!! We are all so excited to have him here. He came quickly and with a look of his own. He is just as sweet and mild mannered as the other three crazies were.

Isaac and Theron were really soft spoken and quiet at the hospital and neither one wanted to hold him, just look and grin from ear to ear.
Charlie didn't waste a second and doesn't show any signs of letting up. Maybe we should have started him practicing on some sort of really tough farm animal first.
Poor Burke, he has really been feelin' the love.

The hospital crew was great but I have never been able to enjoy a minute of sleep in a hospital bed. Burke looks like he is cheering in this picture "We're outta here!!" That's how I felt after only 24 hours.
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