Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Boy TP Luvs His Tomatoes

I caught Trav devouring a plateful of tomato sandwiches and roasted chili. I think we had tomato sandwiches for either lunch or dinner nearly every day last month (by choice). One of my favorite memories of this habit is that Trav always eats this type of sandwich with a fork and knife. Sadly for this tomato luver the season is rapidly coming to an end. Now all winter long I will get to hear Travis ask me over and over, "Do you know what would make this meal perfect? A garden tomato." That's my boy.
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Mike and Jen said...

Just so you know this is me being green with envy. We love tomatoes but we sadly did not enjoy many garden tomatoes before the season ended!

andrea said...

We only got 1 good tomato this season out of our garden! And we live in Tomato country -- I'm jealous of your crop. Travis & Brit, should we be offended that you do not have us on you blog list?? lol

Britt said...


I've tried to get to you but you are private and we are blocked. LET US IN!!


Dan and Maren said...

TP and BP, Congratustinkinglations on your new addition!! I really read about him several days ago but was in a hurry (as I am too often) and didn't leave a comment. We are excited to meet the Burkster.
You guys really would be so proud of me for not taking the tomatoes out of my sandwiches anymore, and I love it when Maren makes fresh salsa. I am exploring new horizons.
And finally, I loved the shirt, Travis. Ahhh the glory days. :)
love you guys,

The Shermans said...

Wow, that actually looks delicious! I'm not a big tomato fan, but I could even eat that. Now is that Isaac in the background with his pulled off his sandwich? And are those marshmallows on his plate?!?! haha

Jason said...

I'm jealous of your tomatoes... our garden tomatoes did terribly this year (Wisconsin!), oh well, at least I can see pictures of you guys enjoying them.