Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Boy Isaac

My friend Lois offered to take Theron and Charlie to her house today so I could get a nap. I was thrown a little curve ball this morning when Isaac woke up with an incredibly sore throat. No school for break for me. Or so I thought. A brilliant idea came to my mind to keep him occupied while his brothers got a play date and I got a nap. I had him make a list of all of the things he could do while I was taking a nap so he wouldn't have to ask me for an idea every few minutes. His list made me smile...

NED TO DO GOBS. (Need to do jobs)
KUMPOOTR. (Computer)
LEGO. (Legos)
RED. (Read)
WDOWOSH. (Wash windows--one of my favorites)
VIDOGAM (Video game)
SCOOBDOOH VIDO. (Scooby-doo video)


Brian said...

Great idea! That way he can't complain or get bored with what he's doing, because he came up with it! :)

So did it work? Did you get the coveted nap?

Tiffany said...

Awesome idea, I can't wait until Clarissa can do that.

Clarissa loves looking at pictures of your boys. She saw me working on the computer and came running in saying "see Isaac, see Isaac", so we pulled up your blog. She sure misses her cousins!

Mike and Jen said...

And thats why Isaac is so awesome! He is one cool dude. I wish we could see you guys especially little Burke. I seriously think about it all the time. Maybe I will get lucky and we will win the lottery (we don't even play) and I can buy a plane ticket to visit. Maybe when you get a chance you should just put some more pics up!

Aprilyn said...

Isaac is sure getting grown up! What a thoughtful list. I love the phonetic spelling. Too cute.

Tina said...

What a wonderful idea! Isaac is so creative. That reminds me of the times we use to have a game of who could be the most quiet person! Didn't take the kids long to catch on to that ploy!