Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Day To Remember

Isaac woke up, in the early morning hours of his birthday, from a scary spider dream. Because I am a "zombie mommy" these days I quickly made him a bed on the floor in our room and we all went back to sleep.
A few hours later we kicked off the day with breakfast in bed for the birthday boy. He said, "Ah, mom you know all the foods I wanted for my birthday."

Then we sent him off to school for the day where his whole class sang to him. When he got home I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner.
He requested "Green Soup" (Spinach Curry Soup).
The boys all devoured it and asked for more. I was watching the boys and Trav trying to make a mental note of the details of the day when Isaac started throwing up. He's so considerate. It all went right back into his bowl.

After he threw up everything he had just eaten and more he said through teary eyes, "Guys, can we just wait to eat birthday cake until tomorrow?" You bet!! Poor guy.

He managed to put on a happy face while opening his presents and in between trips to the toilet. This picture makes me want to cry for the poor guy.
Holding true to tradition (throw up tradition not birthday tradition) Isaac spent the night sleeping on the kitchen floor. He couldn't get over the fact that everyone was calling him at the same time to wish him a happy birthday.

By the end of the evening the boys had all had it. Isaac was a little emotional. I'm pretty sure that wasn't his idea of a great birthday activity. As he tried to go to sleep Trav told him, "The great thing about it is that your birthday isn't over because you still get to celebrate it tomorrow with cake."
I'm wondering if Isaac will ever ask for green soup again. I have not wanted to eat a chimichanga since the day I threw one up as a little kid. Travis said he feels the same way about Sour Patch Kids.
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Ashli Welsh said...

Oh the poor kid! I hope that he feels better soon!

Judy said...

Oh, no! It must have happened right after we talked to him. Well, maybe our gift will get to him today and then he can open another present while he eats his cake.

Meshan Foutz said...

FYI- I feel the same way about Salt & Vinegar chips!
I want your recipe for Spinach Curry soup. I love, love, love curry and spinach is just so good for you. Yum...send it my way!

Willy Happy Mama said...

O that poor birthday boy! We must be on the same flu schedule. I dealing with 2 sick kids here today. Lizzy barfed at school infront of the whole class. :(
I still can't eat Domino's pizza. I send my sympathies! At least you're not pregnant anymore, that would make it worse. Thanks for posting all the pictures. They're still so cute-even sick.

Mary said...

Happy birthday Isaac.
We've caught the flu here. It's not fun. We're all sleeping in the living room.

Jen said...

Poor birthday boy! Maybe he can have a do-over birthday once he feels better. I love your tradition of the sickies taking up space on the kitchen floor for the night.

Aprilyn said...

I can't believe your kids will eat things like that. It's amazing!! I have the pickiest eaters on the planet I think. :D

Poor Isaac. I hope he gets better soon. What a miserable thing to be sick on your birthday!

Mike and Jen said...

I second the whole wanting the recipe for spinach and curry soup!

Marianne said...

Poor Issac. I like that tradition of sleeping on kitchen floor when throwing up. Maybe one day when we have more of a kitchen to sleep on we will have such a throw up is the pits, but it's even worse to watch your little ones do it. Poor kid. Happy Birthday Issac... I hope your cake tasted yummy!

andrea said...

Happy Birthday Issac! We thought about you on Jameson's birthday -- your birthday twins. Sorry you got sick bud. Bummer. BUT hey! You are 6! Good news!

Jason said...

So sorry about the sick birthday boy. That is no fun for him, and for you guys who have to watch him almost helplessly (hey, don't forget about Zofran- great for sick kids!) Hope he enjoyed the next day better!


Brian said...

Ahhh....poor kid!


Hopefully the next day was better for you!