Sunday, September 30, 2007

My boy Trav

Last night I got to go watch the General Relief Society Broadcast. I really enjoyed the meeting. There was a dinner before hand and the women from the Spanish branch in our stake sang a musical number. While they were singing I looked around at all the women in the room (maybe a couple hundred women) . I couldn't help feeling so grateful for Travis and all of the other dads who were at home watching their small children. It was a big deal to me because I knew that Travis had missed something that he really wanted to do to stay home with the boys. Today I found these photos of the boys. They were having a great time with their dad last night making salsa while I was gone. I am so grateful for Travis, that I am married to him and that he is such a loving dad.


What a fun filled day! We played a little baseball in the backyard.

Garden time

After the drive-in activity Travis and I cleaned out some of the garden. We (especially Trav) will be sad to see the garden bite the dust with the first frost. It's only a matter of time now. Trav can only imagine a few things better than a plate full of garden tomatoes with a little salt and fresh ground pepper. ...oh yeah and Charlie boy was our cute side kick.

Drive-in movie

This weekend we invited the primary kids to a drive-in movie. The kids all made cars at home to drive to the event. (We made our cars on the driveway with Sara and Rabecca on Friday.) We played red light, green light, then the kids each gave us their tickets to get them into the movie and "purchase" popcorn, fruit snacks, and juice boxes. We showed Curious George and Johnny Lingo. We had a puppet craft waiting for backup if the kids got restless but never had to use it. I think it was a hit.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The crew

A Mover and a Shaker

He's on the move. Charles is cruisin' around eating everything in site and keeping us on our toes. He's just starting to pull himself up to stand at the furniture and play but that trick is only hours old. There's not much else to say but...we think he's pretty cute!

Helper for rent

If anyone needs a helper, we've got your man. You name it, he likes to help with it. Pouring the milk on your cereal, sweeping up your dust pile, making your bed, teasing your baby. Be prepared though...he'll want to do it his own way.

Last week I took the boys with me to Walmart to shop for groceries. Isaac asked me if we could get a certain food item and I told him that we were not going to get it. He said, "But mom, why not? It's delectable!"

Old friends

Our good friends Ally, James, and Laura came back to visit us after being gone for sooooooo long. We miss having them down the street but love it when we get to spend time with them. We hope you don't stay away for too long!

Grandpa Randy the Birthday Boy

Grandpa Randy came to visit us over his wedding anniversary and birthday week. In our family we take the birthday person breakfast in bed. On his birthday grandpa got to go with Trav to the hospital to observe a couple of surgeries. I guess you could call the rest of us party poopers because we didn't want to get out of bed before the sun to make breakfast before they left so... instead we had it waiting for him when he got home late in the morning. We had the fanciest decoration's this side of the Mississippi, too! Thanks for letting us share your birthday with you Grandpa Randy!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


We went to Innis woods metro park. There is a traveling bug exhibit at the park right now. The bugs are made of wood and very large. We didn't get a picture of the praying mantis but it was about twice my height. The garden is a lot of fun too. Everything in it is labeled. When we saw something that we liked we knew exactly what it was called. The heat eventually shoo-ed us away.

There was a fun miniature garden around a train set. We took a break and watched it for a while

Isaac and Theron had fun pretending to be ants crawling through an ant hill. They even pretended to be sleeping ants.

just for fun

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us. We did lots of fun things. They brought this fancy pinata with them "just for fun". Grandma couldn't get over how ugly the pinata was but the kids didn't seem to mind when Travis finally busted it open and the candy came pouring out.

Ohhh, Baby!