Sunday, September 30, 2007

Drive-in movie

This weekend we invited the primary kids to a drive-in movie. The kids all made cars at home to drive to the event. (We made our cars on the driveway with Sara and Rabecca on Friday.) We played red light, green light, then the kids each gave us their tickets to get them into the movie and "purchase" popcorn, fruit snacks, and juice boxes. We showed Curious George and Johnny Lingo. We had a puppet craft waiting for backup if the kids got restless but never had to use it. I think it was a hit.


LoGunns said...

Another good idea I will be stealing from you:)

Laura said...

No fair. I wish we could have been there. If you keep doing so many fun things and making me sad I am no longer living just up the street I may have to leave Ben and move back home.

Mary said...

What a fantastic idea!