Thursday, June 5, 2008

A [Birth]day in the Life of a Four Year Old

Theron's first waking moments as a four year old stud.

After the initial excitement wore off, Theron was too sleepy to eat the birthday breakfast he had been looking forward to all year long.
He finally started slow...he ended slow, too.

Theron invited some friends over for a last minute party. He is frequently inviting neighbors and friends over for dinner. I'm worried that one of these times someone is going to take him seriously and I'll get a little surprise. This time it was approved.

The cake.
Theron's body language while the Happy Birthday song was being taught said, "This is amazing! All of this is for me! There isn't anything cooler than this!"

The party-ers drenched each other with water balloons ......and ran through the sprinkler.

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday Theron. Wow you were one when I first met you. I am so glad you had a nice day.

Aprilyn said...

Happy Birthday Theron! I thought he was about the same age as Marshall and I was right. Marshall will be 4 in October. They could be good buddies someday.

Marianne said...

Did you leave out the "d" on birthday on purpose? :) Happy Birthday Theron!

Hall Family said...

That looks like so much fun and yes Theron is a four year old Stud!

Gonzalez said...

I wish my muscles grew like Therons. (Stronger with every bite of Birthday cake) Actually I've never tried that. I guess it's worth a shot!

Brian Blumer said...

I recognize a little green sleeve in one of those pics - looks like Dad made it to the party, too. From your description of him, I'll bet Paige and Theron would get along famously.
Happy Birthday!