Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tattoo Show

Yep! We decided to get tattoo's and take our kids with us to watch...
...actually (if you are like me) get ready to learn something new.
tattoo-- a military display or pageantWe went to Wright Patterson Air Force Base for the fourth annual Freedom's Call 2008.
It was started to "Thank the Troops and Families by putting on a spectacular presentation of flyovers, music, narration and fireworks."

We took chairs, snacks, a wagon, umbrellas (40% chance of rain), blankets, pjs, and lots of drinks (85 degree humid weather).
The weather was what Travis likes to call "sticky" and not his idea of a good time. He was a trooper anyway. We all had a fun time.

The boys (including Trav) especially liked watching the air craft's fly over us in the sky. Most of them were too fast for me and my "around town" camera. Each time a plane flew by Charlie squealed and clapped his hands. Isaac and Theron clapped their hands, too, right over their ears. Travis typically followed the planes with a big grin, a shake of his head, and an "Oh, man!"
We met up with several families of friends and had a great time with them.

We ended the night with fireworks. Another ear plugging, hand clapping moment.
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Tris & Ken said...

You look so great pregnant!! Your boys and family are so cute and you take such great pictures! I'll have to take my family to a tattoo sometime too!

Aprilyn said...

It looks like fun...even with the sticky humidity. I agree with DO look great!

Hall Family said...

I am glad you guys have embraced the life of the Air Force (well as much as possible). Now all you need to do is come and live in Minot ND. Seriously though it looks like lots of fun!

Britt d. said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a jolly good time despite the humidity and heat. Sorry we missed out. Perhaps you'll have to come over and reenact how the planes flew and sounded exactly. ha.

Brian & Michelle said...

That is a beautiful color on your right thumbnail...what do you call that? =)

Brian Blumer said...

I've never been to a tattoo, nor to an air show. Looks like the perfect activity for four guys and a doll!