Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyday all day

He does it all day long. A time out on the stairs seems to be his preferred past time as of late. He's happy to wait on the stairs. It gives him time to plan how he is going to get up onto the counter the next time.
NOTE: The stool on the counter. Placed there following a previous incident.
NOTE: The silverware on the counter. Each piece has been lovingly slobbered and removed from its place in the open drawer. Anyone want to come for dinner?
He kept insisting no matter how many times I removed him, "Pider! Pider! Pider!" Which is to say, "I see a spider on the window screen and it should meet death by baby palm." He did discover one thing worthy of distraction...the butcher knife.
When Burke is awake there is no rest.
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Tristen said...

Gotta love that age. Seriously. Sigh. And just when you begin to despair and think you are never going to survive, they get just a LITTLE bit older and move on and suddenly their past craziness turns just a tiny bit funny. But only a tiny bit. He's precious, I love it. But I feel for you.

Rebekah Anderson said...

Amen, Sister. There is no rest when Grant is awake. I have to duck tape the dishwasher shut and lay down all the kitchen and dining room chairs. We miss you guys! Parker's B-day party wasn't the same without you!

The*Evans*Family said...

Britt, I feel for you. Blake's new nickname is "seek & destroy". He is always on the go. If the house gets quiet for one second I know there's trouble somewhere. Just last week he pumped a whole bottle of lotion onto himself and our couch.

april said...

I feel your pain. That was all Nate. I swore if he survived to five from all the climbing, jumping and other death defying activities we would all be amazed.

Marianne said...

Smile. Funny post...but so true.