Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random thoughts from way too early in the morning...

Burke is hardly a baby anymore. How sad.
Me walking around looking for Burke: "Burke."
Burke: "WHAT!"
So that's it all of a sudden he's a six year old?

Yesterday as we were leaving the beach Charlie said, "Mom, I wish I was still little." I'm thinking, "Are you not?" but instead I ask, "Why?" He answers, "Because then I would be really cute." If only he knew how cute I think he is. A few mornings ago he said, "Mom, I just took a guy-jantic bite!" Kind of cute.

When I sat down to type this post I had so many more random thoughts and they are all lost now. Well, as Travis and I like to say, "That pretty much proves it." It's way too early in the morning. Thanks a lot Burkey boy.


Judy said...

So, I'll be the first to comment. I'm missing those boys. I think Charlie is pretty darn cute. After all, he takes after our side of the family, right? Glad you're blogging again.

Britt said...

I would hardly call this blogging again. Is more like a minuscule snipet from your large life. The ramifications of your choice to only post such small information will be astronomical when you consider all of the adoring fans who keep checking and rechecking only to find little progression has occurred since your post before this post. I am saddened by your obvious lack of consideration for Peterson fans near and far. To think how they have suffered over the months just waiting for something, anything and this is the only morsel you could offer. For shame, truly for shame. On a lighter note...we miss those cute boys and I've been wondering if Burke is a big boy to you now as Coy seems to be with us. Did you ever see Gremlins? Yeah, meet Coy.