Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slate Run Historical Farm

Some church friends invited us to go to Slate Run Farm with them for the morning. It's a Historical Farm. We were able to get right next to many of the animals and pet or feed them. We saw horses, cows, sheep, chickens, roosters, turkeys, pigs (unbelievably stinky!!), and another bird that I've never seen before.
I didn't realize how much a sheep's "Baaa" sounds like a human yell.
This historical farm has several games for the kids to play just like the games kids played in the 1880s. Many of the activities are like those at Nauvoo and Plymouth Plantation.
They got the shave the kernels off of corn cobs and make them into corn meal. The corn meal was so soft the kids liked spreading on their bodies just like lotion (the moms...not so much).
I think the boys actually liked the chickens the best. They fed them grass and they got quite a rush from trying to feed them but still keep their fingers safe.


Hall Family said...

Only one of your pics is showing up. Whats up with your pics lately

farm lady said...

Hi. I'm a volunteer at Slate Run Farm. My family started visiting when my daughter a preschooler. When she was six we started volunteering there (she's 11 now and still loves going to the farm.)

I'm happy to hear you and your little ones enjoyed your visit. It's a wonderful place to spend time with children.

You might be interested in a new website that was started by the volunteers group,

It has lots of animal pictures, monthly articles written by the farmers, baby animal updates, the latest schedule of activities and lots more information and is updated frequently.

Hope you get a chance to come back and visit soon!

Farm Lady