Friday, April 18, 2008


We drove past a huge construction site off of the freeway. There were all kinds of big machines out there doing their thing. There were a couple of cranes lifting building materials to the top of a big new building. Isaac piped up, "Hey! That crane looks like a cantilever!"

"Huh?" I thought to myself as I sat there looking straight ahead. What in the world is a cantilever? After digging deep into my brain reserve and coming up with nothing I asked Travis under my breath, "What is a cantilever?" He explained and sure looked just like one.


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Aprilyn said...

Wow! He is so smart!!! I didn't know what that was either.

Brian Blumer said...

I thought maybe he was referring to the figure skating element:

(I'm impressed that Travis knew what it was, let alone Isaac. How old is Isaac, again?)

LoGunns said...

Ha ha:) What a smarty pants!