Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Safety Patrol

I made a quick phone call to the Doctor's office while driving in the car and when I hung up I heard Theron say from the back of the van, "Mom, did you know it is dangerous to talk on the phone while you are driving?"
Me: (Gulp) "Who told you that?"
Theron: "I learned it on the computer from the Safety Patrol. I know all about car safety."
Isaac: "Yeah, and you should never listen to your ipod and sing really loud while someone is driving because that will distract the driver."
Me: "Yep, you guys are right."
Theron: "Well, why did you talk on the phone while you were driving mom?"
Me: "Uhhhh..."

Some other valuable things that I learned during this lecture:
  • When you are in the car you should always buckle your seat belt.
  • If there is a fire in your house you should never open a door if it feels hot. You should go to the window and yell for help.
  • If there is a fire man coming toward you, you should not run from him. You should go to him for help.
So...sorry to all those of you who were previously on my "call while driving in the car" are being ousted for the cause of being a good example to my kids. They are always watching...


Hall Family said...

So does this mean we never get to talk anymore. Thanks a lot Theron and Isaac. Well I guess you better do what they say or your meat is gonna be dead! That is hilarious

Ashli Welsh said...

We are very familiar with Safety Patrol in our house! "Safety Violation!" is a readily used term among our kids...

Laura said...

wow good thing they are keeping you safe.

Aprilyn said...

We watch the Safety Patrol when we watch TV (which isn't that often). Marshall has not given me any safety violations yet but I'm sure he will soon. You should be glad they didn't put an orange cone on your head!!

LoGunns said...

Okay but can I still call you while I'm driving?:)