Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Outdoor Eating

The weather is slowly but surely warming up. We ate outside on the deck for the first time this season. We had grilled Salmon, rice, corn on the cob, and salad. It was a colorful and tasty meal. I wasn't quite quick enough to catch the meal before we devoured it. We finally had to tell the boys that they had to stop eating. Who knew they would love Salmon so much? It must be the amazing blond Chef who cooked the Salmon to perfection.
The after dinner activities involved three crazy boys and one poor red cardinal. He must not have minded too much because he kept coming back for more.
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Aprilyn said...

I can not even imagine a meal where A) my boys devour it ,and B) they eat fish. :) It looks like the boys and the bird had a great time. It looks like you have a nice backyard!

Emily said...

Hey Britt, your yard looks incredible. Can we come check it out next weekend? Bri wants to know the secret of your green grass.

Britt d. said...

I'm glad someone is keeping the Salmon population down. whew.

Emily said...

Britt, I'm totally serious. We're coming up to Iowa/Ohio this week for Craig's graduation/move. Email us: and let us know if you'll be around.