Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Surgeons in Training

Charlie wakes up every morning asking, "Daddy home?" Most mornings, of course, he is disappointed but sometimes he is thrilled to the core to find Travis still in bed. I can only assume that every boy thinks their dad is the greatest ever. Ours sure do. I have heard Travis on several occasions telling the boys that they can be surgeons if they want to but they can do anything else and that would be really great, too. Right now they don't care what he says, they want to be just like dad.

Yesterday Travis just reassured he has a spot in the super dad hall of fame when he brought home some extra hardware and told the boys all about the surgery he would do with it.

He has also been inducted into the super husband hall of fame. I am lacking a photo for proof but on Saturday I went to get my hair cut and when I returned home Travis had helped the boys set up a scavenger hunt for me. It took me all over the back yard and through the house. I finally landed at a pile of Rolos disguised as gold. We promptly gobbled it up.
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Brian said...

That's pretty cool! Way to go Dad! You guys should find an old doll (or make one) that he can cut into and see if the boys have the stomach to be a surgeon! It takes a strong stomach to have to see some of that stuff. But good for you guys to be proactive in helping them acheive their future goals. That is something we are doing for our kids as well, to be supportive and there when they need our help!

Brian Sherman

andrea said...

You have darling boys Britt & Travis! Almost as cute as Jameson -- who by the way, likes to read your blog to see his "twin". NExt time your in SLC, we need to get our little twins together!

Britt said...


We need to get on your blog to see how your twin is doing. And the others, of course. Are we cool enough??

Hall Family said...

Even I wish I was Travis's kid! jk looks like they were very intrigued by the display!