Friday, September 12, 2008

Boring Day

Ever since Isaac started school, Theron has had a lot of down time. We try to fill the time up with good activities but this boy is wearing me out!! We had a few too many play dates for my energy level so we resorted to a car wash this time. I sat in the garage working on a sewing project while Theron cleaned the van.
I don't think the activity was quite exciting enough...until dad showed up! Travis unexpectedly came home from work early and joined in the fun with Theron. Of course, this changed everything. The duo had a great time and I have a clean van.
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Jason said...

Tell Theron and Travis they can come up and clean our cars anytime!


Hall Family said...

I think you secretly knew Travis was coming home and decided to pretend like you were just letting Theron "clean" the van so that Travis would inevitably help him get the job done right! Thats what I think!

I am Laura said...

nice idea. I need some more ideas for what to do with James while Ally is at school. I never thought of putting him to work.