Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bus Tantrum

My near nine month belly and I hauled this cute and determined tantrum thrower in from the bus stop this morning just after he woke up the entire neighborhood at 7:35am. After trying for quite a while to calm the babe down I decided it was time for a little video. The best of it was over but it is still good for a small laugh and besides my red belly makes its debut.


I am Laura said...

I remember posting James throwing a tantrum on some of Ally's first days of preschool last year. My mom mentioned that he just didn't understand where Ally was and if she was coming back. I swear he wanted to be with her and maybe that is what Charlie wants. He misses his Isaac. In the morning before school I would explain to James what was going to happen and that we would pick Ally up later and he started to get better.

Ally keeps saying "He really wants to go on the bus."

Aprilyn said...

Awww. It's hard to be the little one. He's so cute, even when he's throwing a temper tantrum. We have those a lot here too. :)

Boy, I was watching Theron and I think he looks like Grandpa Ted! Hmm...maybe I'm just imagining it but I think he does. What do you think?

By the way, would you guys please come visit us in Utah sometime? My boys really think your boys are funny and they want to play. :) hehe. I know you can't but I just had to tell you anyway!

Jason said...

I think this is great- but I think the best part is Theron laughing in the background. I probably shouldn't say that (sorry!), but it was pretty funny. Probably because it reminds me of Nate laughing at Elin when she's crying and all.


Kimberly said...

Do you have to totally refrain in moments like that from saying, "Sorry, Charlie"? Why is it cute to watch other people's kids throw tantrums, but not your own? I guess it's not always cute, but on your blog it is! :)