Friday, September 26, 2008

For Real

I started to make my bed this morning by taking off the pillows and stacking them in the corner rocker. When I had removed them all I glanced over and paused, suddenly finding this leaning tower very amusing. It is true that all of these pillows, minus the one Travis sleeps on, have been used in recent nights in an attempt to sleep peacefully. But not for long.
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Aprilyn said...

It's just prepping you for not sleeping when the baby comes, right? I hope everything goes well with the delivery.

Hall Family said...

So where does Travis sleep?

Rachel Clare said...

I can't remember when you're due, and do you know what you're having?

I hope it goes by quickly. The end is always the worst (in my opinion).

Good luck!!

PS. your cinnamon rolls have me drooling right now.