Friday, October 1, 2010

Friends with kids

I stole this letter from a friend.

When Travis gets home from work most days he asks me what I did that day. To which I often respond, "Oh...just sat around and watched TV and ate Bonbons all day." I typically get a decent smirk out of him and then he excuses the mess or chaos that he has just come home to knowing that I likely had a very busy, crazy day. The truth is I don't even know what a Bonbon is and I can't remember the last time the TV was on for the pleasure of either of the adults living in this house.

Other days he calls home during the day to see how it is going. I have been known to ask, "Did you hear about the tornado? Well, it hit down right in the middle of the living room." This is code for the house is a disaster and I'm trying to stay in good humor.

Just for fun:

12:10 am Travis and I get into bed to sleep
2:35 am Burke climbing into bed next to me
2:37 am me scooping Burke up and hauling him off to his own bed
5:11 am Burke climbing into bed next to me
5:12 am me HAULING him off to his own bed
5:27 am me getting back into bed with tired knees
6:15 am Burke climbing into bed with me along with his animal book
6:15:03 am me GRABBING the book and HAULING him down the hall to his bed

After leaving and coming back to finish this post three times now I am too tired to finish the play-by-play but...I made three lunches, poured five bowls of Cheerios, prayed with the hubs and kissed him good-bye, tied one pair of shoes, brushed four heads of hair (of course, not my own), washed laundry, read scriptures with the boys, missed the bus at the bus stop for the first time this year, drove two boys to school, changed a poopy diaper in the pouring rain in the parking lot of the post office, mailed a baby gift to Heidi, bought milk and ice cream (it is Friday after all) at the convenience the pouring rain, drove home, ran around the back yard picking up toys nearly blown away by the the pouring rain, changed the train battery, served cupcakes as a not so healthy snack, and deposited the two small stinkers who are at home with me into a nice big bubble bath.
Today I still intend to wash and fold several more loads of laundry, clean three toilets, take a shower, make my bed, vacuum, unload the dishwasher and go on a date with my husband. Now here I am BLOGGING? Some might wonder about my ability to prioritize. But I reason, "How else will I be able to remember the craziness of it all?"


Camey said...

Britt, I love you! The reality of all this makes it not that funny at the moment but someday I hope we think it is hilarious.

april said...

:) Love it!

Kimberly said...

Britt, I just love you, okay? Okay. You are amazing. I sometimes wish I documented everything I did all day so I could feel good about all that I accomplished. Maybe someday I'll get around to that. :) Right now, I am just waiting for this baby to come...who is now a day overdue. I have never gone overdue before, so this is a new thing for me. I mopped the floors today. Maybe that will help. We'll you!