Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Two years ago today Burke-y boy was born. Life has never been the same...
This toddler is nearly obsessed with Baby Einstein. Thus, the EXACT cake replica of the Baby Einstein caterpillar.
All day long the boys have been bending over backwards trying to make this day special for Burke. They came home from school with cards, made snowflake s, wore matching shirts,and even reminded everyone over and over about the family birthday rule...You can't be mean to the birthday boy.

This last photo is just to prove to this fourth child later on in his life that we did celebrate his birthday and there were gifts invovled.

This week my admiration for Burke has grown. It always seems that is impossible. I find this happens to me often when I watch my boys do things that I didn't know they could do. I talk as if the next few stories I write will be heart warming. Probably not to many hearts but mine.

Burke wants to do most everything himself, as many toddlers do. I still snicker every time he says, "I dude it!" when he wants to accomplish something without help.

In an effort to get Burke interested in something other than Baby Einstein I rented a Thomas the Train and Barney DVD from the library. (Not a quality choice I know.) I put the DVD in the player and when it came on Burke furrowed his eyebrows deep, frowned hard, pointed at the TV with his arm straight out and shouted, "Stupid!" What a smart boy! He was right. What was I thinking?

I was watching Burke in the rear view mirror while driving. He had turned his head to look cross-eyed at the warning tag on the car seat only inches from his face. He stated, "Letters." That's right Burke-ster...letters!

Though this babe wakes me up before the sun every day, opens the garage door all day long, safely handles all kitchen knives, eats toothpaste, helps himself to food in the refrigerator, draws on furniture, gets nosebleeds daily, and insists on "dude-ing" everything by himself, I can't imagine life without the craziness he adds to it. Lub oo, Burke!
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ellen said...

Good thing you've got these photos; I bet you'll be looking for birthday celebrating proof in a few years!

Judy said...

Sorry we have been such lame grandparents for Burke's 2nd B'day. Hopefully our "remembrance" will arrive tomorrow, and glad he's only two (although a very smart two) and probably won't remember that we didn't call today. We do lub him.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to Burke!!! I remembered last night as I was going to bed, but figured it might be a little late to call. Looks like you guys had a fun day and made it special for Burke.

Aprilyn said...

Oh he's so cute! I can't believe he is two already!! Woah. I've been bad about keeping in touch. I hope he can have fun dude-ing lots of stuff on his special day!

I am Laura said...

He is getting older and skinny and looking more like your family. With his baby checks before I really couldn't see any resemblance.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Burkeyboy. Soon he will be saying (along with "I dude it"), "I DON'T WAAAAAAANT TO!!!"