Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have really learned to love the YMCA this year. The boys live for swimming and have really been working hard to become great swimmers.

Last week we went and to our surprise Burke took off on his own (with the aid of his swim vest, of course). He jumps into the water, totally immersed, and pops back up, legs kicking ferociously. This summer he and Charlie both learned to jump off of the diving board. Charlie has even been learning the techniques of diving (this all with the aid of their vests). My favorite dive was when he dove in but his body couldn't seem to get flipped right side up again because of the vest. I think there was a moment of panic for a few of us but it all ended happily ever after as he jumped off the diving board yet again.

Isaac and Theron are actually working on their technique and have made more progress than I expected. I have discovered how fun it can be to watch my boys learn to do something new really well and to see the confidence that it gives them. It is a good feeling.

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Meshan said...

It was nice chatting with you the other day. Let me know when you know what your future holds!! Your boys are adorable and I think my 4 and your 4 would have lovely playdates.