Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eight Years

I feel I should be making some statement about how old I must be getting to have a son who is eight years old as if it somehow sprung up on me. Strangely, it didn't happen like that. I have been watching it unfold all year long. I have watched a rambunctious attention seeking boy mellow a bit, help out a lot, and try to please. Isaac entertains Burke in good humor and is the first to obey. He is clearly eight and capable of making good decisions and though I do not wish the years to continue to fly by as they do (now that I am old) I am excited to see where he will take himself and hope he will succeed. I think he will.
Holding true to tradition
Isaac has a new found love for basketball
The brothers...Theron has given Isaac at least two presents per day over the last few days. These guys are a wild crew but there's a lot of love going around.

The birthday boy looking like a true scouter

Happy Birthday Isaac!!
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Judy said...

Yeah for cub scouts. When we talked to Isaac today he asked when you get your cub scout pocket knife. Today?

Britt said...

Nope. Pocket knife safety first.

John-David and Kathryn said...

Cute Boy. I love the birthday cake and the picture of the four boys in a row. Adorable.

Meshan said...

Cute pic in the cornfield! Jonas will be 8 on the 23rd of this month. They could be little buds in Ftown!

Raskills said...

Britt - your kids are so darling! They look so much like you. Miss our roommate chats. Hope you guys are doing great!


Jaime Leigh said...

Love your blog, love the name of it, the sweet little quotes you have of your boys is such an adorable addition! Glad I stumbled across your little corner in blog world! =)