Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's All Magical

We recently watched the movie about the book the Spiderwick Chronicles. One of the special features on the DVD is a recording of the auther or producer telling the viewers that the whole story is real. Their proof is that after putting the story out they got a letter from a family of three kids describing that the very same magical thing happened to them. I've mentioned our saying before--"Well, that pretty much proves it."

Isaac and I were talking this morning and he was reminding me that this whole story is true. We are both reading the Spiderwick Chronicles right now. He was trying to convince me that it was all true. "Mom, someone said it happened to them. So it is true. They said it."

I said, "I've seen a pig fly. No, really. I've seen a pig fly. There, I said it. It must be true."

Matter-of-factly Isaac said, "Mom, how does Santa bring our presents and fly through the sky? What about the tooth fairy? Think about the Easter bunny. He delivers the eggs. We've never seen it but we know it's true. People have told us about it and we believe them. It's all magical. Spiderwick is magical, too."

End of discussion. What more could I say? That pretty much proves it. It must be true.


Judy said...

Let me be the first to say, "That's my grandson." Good thing he's not here or he'd get squeezed to death!

Britt said...

It seems to me he might have a future in law just like his grandpa Peterson. Isn't that how lawyers win cases after all? By claiming, "It's all magical."

Columbus, Columbus, Columbus. If I write it enough will it get you here for a visit?

We miss you guys.

Carolyn said...

Columbus misses you too!!

april said...

That is hilarious. Nathaniel is currently convinced that dragons are real. He loves how to train your dragon and on of his buddies (who thinks he is a wearwolf), saw a dragon in the sky. So there are dragons!

Nat said...

too cute!

Shannon said...

have faith Britt!

heard you saw my SIL and her little family during Christmas! She said Travis was there and his I assume that must be you! ;)

Shannon said...

what I understood last night talking to them....they went to IL to visit his side of the family (McConkie)...and met Travis's parents...after 15 or so years of not living in Naperville anymore. Your in-laws were visiting the ward? something like that.

My sister in law was talking and she said something that she saw Travis and his wife...and I totally got excited and said I know her!!!!!

my facts are not perfect...but maybe you can figure it out! She has a little baby boy...just a couple months old and they are McConkies...if that rings a bell.