Monday, March 31, 2008

Our friends

We went to Indiana this week to spend time with Ben, Laura, Ally, and James. I've decided sometimes I don't quite know how much something means to me until it is gone. I knew that before we went but I remembered again after we left. Of course, I knew it was great when they lived down the street from us. Our friendship was one with no pressure to be a certain way. It was pretty true.
The trip was relaxing. We got to pick up where we left off. Even the kids seemed to feel the same. They didn't fight but just played and played. Isaac and Theron have it all figured out. They think that if we just put a for sale sign up in the yard of their old house down the street that the people who live there will have to move out and our old friends can just move right back in. Why didn't I think of that?
For pictures of the trip...


Laura said...

Ben and Travis just need to practice together someday somewhere and I will be a happy woman.

Rachel said...

Britt! We'll be back to Ohio. I just don't know when. Justin's folks live about 30 miles east of Columbus. how long will you guys be around?

ps. I cannot get over how much your boys look like your brothers to me.