Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crackin' up with Mr. T

“When we get to the celestial kingdom can we go to bed at a different minute? Like maybe eight seven thirty?”

Yesterday morning we had French toast for breakfast. This morning Theron said, “Mom, I haven’t had any Spanish toast yet.”

“Mom, there's some grass on the ground [in the kitchen] but I’m not picking it up. It’s not my ‘sponsibility’”.
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Laura said...

He is so cute. Come see us. Oh you are. Yeah for us.

the4bulls said...

What is that crazy contraption in the background?

Aprilyn said...

He's hilarious! Marshall loves to talk about the Spirit World. I love Theron's word "sponsibility." It's priceless!!

Brian & Michelle said...

Eight Seven Thirty? MAN...I only wish I could stay up that late! Only in the Celestial Kingdom, I'm sure!


Our Willy Happy Bunch said...

I love all the Easter pixs and details. So cute!