Sunday, March 30, 2008

Along Came a Spider...

As requested here is the full real deal.
It's a spider web (obviously). For a while Isaac and Theron were making these spider webs with a couple of ace bandages Trav brought home from the hospital. It takes great wrapping and knot tying skill. Take note that the web is built at the bottom of the stairs in our basement. After several days of either crawling under or unwinding and untying just to do laundry, I had unwound and untied for the last time. After a lot of hard work, I threw the ace bandages in the crawl space. Maybe they will reappear on a rainy day, but for now, I needed a break from the Spider Men.
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the4bulls said...

thanks for the explanation!

Aprilyn said...

They sure are creative!! I'd be sick of it too if I had to crawl over it all the time. :)