Friday, November 16, 2007

Mr. Jack-o-lantern

Our pumpkins have officially had it. Travis helped them to find a new home in our garden. Yep! If you couldn't tell they are spent. As I watched him hauling them to the garden I couldn't help remembering Halloween 2000. My roommate, Kimberly, put a pumpkin on our balcony in W35 at the Elms. It stayed there (against the wishes of the her other five roommates) until our spring cleaning April!! By that time it was a nasty molded thawing pile of two inch high pumpkin. Pretty gross...kind of funny.
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kanida said...

I remember Kimberly:) W35! Good memories!

Kimberly said...


I think about that every single time I carve a pumpkin, and I am still laughing about it. I'm pretty sure that Jill doesn't think that's too funny still. Does it also kind of remind you of the chili that sat in the fridge FOREVER, and Jill would remind me about every day...sometimes clean it out and throw it away? I think I even got some pretty nasty messages on the white board.

I have such great memories of that apartment. Sometimes I think I want to go back in time and live just a week of that time...but then I want to come right back to Josh and Rachel! :) the way...I don't leave things out that long anymore...thank goodness for everyone that I married someone who's TOTALLY clean! I've kind of transformed. I'm actually clean. Jill and Amanda would be proud!

Love you!