Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lean on Me

We had an enjoyable holiday week. Trav's parents came to visit, along with Quinn, Tiffany, and Clarissa. We ate the usual Thanksgiving food. We had some friends join us for the fun, which made the meal even better. We played games (my personal favorite activity), watched videos and just hung around. Somehow amidst all the fun and relaxation we managed only to snap one photo. This is it. Isaac and Theron slept on our bedroom floor for the week. We found them like this one night when we went to bed. I wonder who fell asleep first? This would be an odd question if the next picture didn't exist. A couple of years ago we left the boys on our bed to watch a video. Upon returning, we found Isaac sacked out right on top of poor little one year old Theron, who continued his struggle to watch the movie under all twenty-four pounds of an exhausted brother.

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Robin said...

That is too funny, and WAY too cute. Sometimes I feel like Theron in those pictures:)

Brian & Michelle said...

Awww...poor lil Charlie! You can see the struggle in his face. Cute pic!

Now tell me you didn't name him after our very own Cha-Cha? That would be great!

Oh yeah, and you haven't added us as "blogger buddies"...I see how it is! =)