Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our jack-o-lanterns.  Isaac carved BOO, Burke's guy was a pirate, Charlie hung tight to tradition, while Theron went for the CROC which was perfect for the shape of his pumpkin.

This was the best photo I could snap of the this squrimy little owl.

Charlie went as Dumbledore or as he little to call him Elvis Dumbledore.  That could be a really interesting costume.

Theron went as a viking. 

Isaac made a pretty good Harry Potter.
Burke went as a pirate.  But not just any pirate, "Cubby" from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Its was pretty funny having a costume that was so specific yet unknown.  All the moms who saw his costume kept saying, "Oh, a pirate!  I have an eyepatch you can borrow."  Which really means, "Some mom you are.  Don't you even know that pirates have eyepatches?"  This caused me to reflect on pirates.  I think we give them a bad rap assuming they are all careless or wimpy enough to only have one good eye left.  Well, not this pirate.  He has two good eyes.  After all...he is just a kid and has his whole pirate career ahead of him.

Where's Waldo?  Or should I say Travis.

Unicorns and glitter?  European shoulder bags?  If you are laughing right now, you are a true Flo fan.

And finally...the loot.
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Judy said...

I would never have recognized Travis from this picture. Great costumes for everybody. We had a grand total of three trick or treaters. Wish you could have stopped by.

Laura said...

nice! Love all the costumes.