Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Play Date

Last week Burke had some friends over to play (twins).  They played well for several hours,  mostly outside, my favorite type of playing.  Then they came inside to play upstairs in the play room.  When I came up to get them to take them home I found that the play room was messy with toys (of course) but they also had EMPTIED the linen closet.  They made a heaping pile of clean sheets, blankets, comforters, pillow shams, and the like.  I just stood there with my mouth open trying no to loose it in front of the friends.  I couldn't completely hide my emotions and I am positive the twins mother knows all about how mean I am.
Later that night the boys were putting all the toys away and I was restocking the linen closet, frustrated that they couldn't possibly do that part themselves.  Blake began walking so I got out the video camera.  I recorded her for a while and then the messy room, just to capture the memory.  Then I interviewed Burke on camera: "Burke, look at how messy this room is."  (Pause)  "Do you have anything you'd like to say?"  (Even looonger pause as Burke surveys the room.)  Burke answers while slowly scanning the room, "This...was...the best day ever."  I nearly died laughing.   I was expecting at least a little apology or remorse.  Not even on his mind.  I guess getting a laugh out of it was better than going to bed mad. 


Tristen said...

Best day ever, so funny. And so frustrating!! I've had friends over too and my kids were very naughty and I'm sure all of the parents in the ward know how mean I am. Ha ha. Also sorry about your linen closets. :)

Julie Williams said...

It's all about perspective. I think you might remember it as the "best day ever" when you see your baby walking on that video after she has babies of her own.

Judy said...

Just like the fishing story. The dad said it was the worst day ever, but the boy said it was the best day ever. I remember when I would go to my friend, Jerry's house. We would play hide and seek, and the very best hiding place was to get in the linen closet way at the back and sort of bunch up the linen in front of you so you couldn't be seen. Mrs. Marsden never caught us, but I've often wondered as an adult what she might have thought happened to her linen closet. Hummmm!