Friday, November 9, 2012

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Doesn't this five year old look mature?  I think so.  Not to mention handsome.  Well, OK, I just did.  He's handsome.  Which is why I couldn't help but laugh today when he reminded me that even though he is growing up fast he's still working on it.
After watching a couple of hours of TV after school I told Charlie to turn it off.  He protested and started whining back at me.  We carried on a conversation for a few moments in this fashion where I explained my reasons and he whined back at them...or me...take your pick.  Then I suddenly remembered that I am the parent, so I sent him to his room.  Using all of his near perfect temper tantrum skills he began throwing a massive temper tantrum on the way to his room.  That, of course, involved stomping and door slamming.  After a few minutes he came back down stairs...all smiles and happy to be alive.  Me: "Do you have anything you want to say?"  Charlie:  "Sorry."  Me: "For what?"  Charlie: "I can't remember."  Me:  "I'll show you."  (Whine, whine, stomp, stomp, cry, stomp, bang!)  Leaning on the couch in his mature GQ way, he gave a slight smile and said, "Nu-uh.  I was much louder than that."  Well, I guess I am the one who should be apologizing for failing to give credit where it is due.

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