Thursday, October 13, 2011

Country Mercantile

Our good friends clued us into this fun place...the Country Mercantile.

The boys enjoyed racing through the corn maze.

They tried to eat the corn they found...not such a good idea. I think it had been growing a tad bit too long.

It was a great day for a little hay climbing.
The downside was that the pumpkins were so scrawny.

Poor Burke fell asleep in the car and had to go with me to the pharmacy instead of to the pumpkin patch. He woke up in the car while sitting outside of Albertson's grocery store and said, "It's taking a long time to get to the pumpkin patch." Uh-oh! Fortunately, my mom and I spotted the "pumpkin patch" on the sidewalk to Albertson's and whisked Burke right over to the "patch" to pick out his pumpkin. Good thing for this bad mom he doesn't know what he missed. I think I was more sad for him than he was.
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Jill said...

So glad you enjoyed it! There is always next year.