Friday, October 28, 2011

Burke:On being puffed up

Burke: "Mommy, your tummy's puffed up."
Me: "My tummy's puffed up? Are you sure?"
B: "Yeah, your tummy's puffed up."
Me: "Are you sure? Look. Is it puffed up or is it puffed down?"
B: "Yeah, it's puffed down...(thinking)...but not all the way."

Well, it has only been three weeks. At least I'm a little puffed down...according to a three year old.


Emily said...

My five year old just asked me why my stomach looks like pizza dough. I told her she can blame herself (and her four siblings) for that.

Laura @Art For Little Hands said...

My kids wonder when the baby is coming. It is sad that I have no excuse at this point. I just keep getting fatter and fatter.