Friday, October 21, 2011

Backyard Bliss

We are not pet people. We never have been pet people. Others often tell us that we'll HAVE to get a dog for all of these boys. We usually just smile and think, "Nope."

So...I am grateful for neighbors like ours who ARE pet people. Or at least animal people. It takes a little of the pressure off of us. Our next door neighbors have cows. We have an apple tree. At their convenience and leisure the boys can pay attention to the cows but we have no responsibility for them. Just the way I like it. The perks but not the pain.
Theron takes a moment to bare his soul to his new friends.

Then he's off to cause trouble with the brothers. It may be his favorite past time.

I think they welcomed it this time but not always.

And where is Isaac during all of this backyard fun? Inside reading a book, of course!
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Laura @Art For Little Hands said...

Britt, your backyard looks lovely. I am starting to think you are right about the animal thing. I really want a dog one day, but we stayed with someone who owned a dog and he was always trying to get me to pet him and he stunk the whole house up and I felt like every surface was a bit dirty from the dog. I am getting more in your camp when it comes to dog ownership.

When I see these pictures I can't help but imagine us living houses apart and my kids playing with yours. Those were good days for me.

Robin said...

Oh yes, the best of both worlds. That's some back yard you've got there!