Thursday, January 22, 2009

Charlie Chatter

Sometime before the holidays Charlie decided that he always wanted to have someone in the room with him. If his companion of choice left the room he started to panic and said, "I comin'."
Now that the holidays are over and we're all through singing Christmas carols, Charlie still panics when we leave the room, but now he says, "I comin' to town." I still chuckle every time I hear him say it and think, "Yep, and Santa Claus, too."
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Ashli Welsh said...

What a sweetheart! Carter is that way too, not so much with words but he has to be touching part of me at all times lately, almost as if I will disappear if he's not holding me down. Charlie is getting so big and is so adorable!

Jason said...

I like Charlie's BYU attire; just yesterday Nate was wearing his BYU shirt and hat as well. Go BYU!


Aprilyn said...

That's so cute. He's getting so big!!