Thursday, January 8, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Charlie!! As noted in the photo, Charlie is 2 years old. Until yesterday, every time I asked Charlie how old he was, he always said, "NAME," in a flat robotic sounding voice. Now he plainly states, "Two!"
Sticking with tradition we pulled off breakfast in bed for the boy this morning. Travis left for the hospital at 6:00am this morning but slipped back home for twenty minutes at 7:00am. I got Isaac up at 6:30am so he could be all ready to board the bus at 7:20am just after we planned to finish the early morning bash. Theron was flexible and Burke slept like a gem so I could pull the whole thing off. Complicated but successful. He loved every minute of it.
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Mike and Jen said...

I am sooooo lame. I totally have Charlie's birthday on my birthday calander but I put it as the 9th not the 8th. I am so sorry I didn't call and say happy b-day. I will try tomorrow! I hope it was a good one. He is so stinking cute!

Mary said...

Happy birthday Charlie!

Aprilyn said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! He's so big! I'm glad you were able to pull off the traditional breakfast. Phew!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to Charlie! I love the breakfast in bed idea....what a great tradition.

Kimberly said...

Hi Britt,

I haven't talked to you for a while. I'm assuming that since you are back to blogging more often that things aren't quite as crazy at your house. :) I hope, at least. Our little one should be here in about three weeks. I am really excited and ready to have a baby and not be pregnant!

Sometimes when I look at your pictures, I can't believe you have four boys! That's so amazing. You are amazing! Life looks fun at your house.

Any word on coming to Texas? We would LOVE to have you!
Love ya!