Monday, August 4, 2008

A Playdate

Isaac invited John over for a play date today. Both boys have been talking about it for several days. They have been playing Star Wars for the past four and a half hours (expect during lunch when they talked about Star Wars). Of course, Theron has been in on all of the fun.

Yesterday at church one of the Primary leaders asked Isaac if he would stand up at the front to be the "Reverent Child", i.e. fold arms and be quiet to set a good example for those still filing into the room. Isaac answered, "No, I did it last week and besides...I'm talking to John."
Yeah, exactly!
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ellen said...


Aprilyn said...

Too funny!! At least he was honest! :)

Jen said...

What an honest boy. I love hearing Isaac stories, he just cracks me up!

Hall Family said...

by the way I found your black and red crayon on ...... Zoe has them or should I say had them. They must be off to their next victim!