Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Bucks??

We were told on the airplane on the way to Columbus to look for a house that we would have to become Buckeyes.
We walked through at least seven houses with Buckeye basements, i.e. scarlet carpet, gray walls, scarlet leather couches with OSU logo printed on them, OSU posters and t-shirt hanging on the wall, and a big screen TV.
We've driven by countless number of houses outwardly painted in colors that scream, "GO BUCKS!"
We've seen front lawns spray painted with a scarlet and gray O.
We've seen far too many cars driving on the street permanently painted scarlet with OSU insignia on the doors.
We've seen shopping malls with 75% of the shoppers wearing red clothing.
We've learned that a Kroger grocery store parking lot with only three cars in it means game day and easy shopping.

On the way to church on Sunday we saw a license plate that read:

We've seen it all.


Pete said...

So are you Buckeye fans now that you have been living in Ohio for some time?

the4bulls said...

We were given Buckeye Debit cards - even though we didn't ask for them. When they arrived - I called the bank (since we are die hard Penn State fans) and was told we might be killed if we didn't at least pretend to be Buckeye fans. No joke. So we kept the cards as proof we were "fans". Now we have bought into the craze - but still wear our Penn State gear when they play!!!

Britt d. said...

Once a Cougar, always a Cougar. Blue through and through.

Ashli Welsh said...

Yeah, I grew up here and don't understand it, and don't even get Ian started on the topic. When Nathan was born in New York one of the first things that my mother said to him was that he was a true Buckeye no matter where he was born. All I have to say to the whole thing is "whatever..."

Aprilyn said...

Go Cougars! I'm true blue even though I personally haven't had the chance to go there.

Just the two of us! said...

Do you want to come to our house the morning of game day and dance in an OSU jersey to a blaring OSU band playing the fight song?...welcome to my world!

Aprilyn said...

When I was living in Naperville, Sister Mitchell would REALLY get into BYU football. Whenever BYU scored, she would jump up and say "Whoopdedoo! The gospel's true!" BYU is part of my religion I think. LOL. Just kidding. ;)

caligirl said...

GO BLUE:-) I thought BYU/ Utah was bad but living in Ann Arbor I found out that U of M and OSU was even bigger. Zack would get booed when he would wear his Michigan shirts while we were in Ohio....got to love it!! The best was O how I hate Ohio State on t-shirts ever where.

Pete said...

I see nothing wrong with rooting for two teams at once. I grew up in Tallahassee, where it was a requirement for citizenship to be a Seminoles fan. I am also a BYU fan. It's like having dual citizenship. Since they pretty much never play each other, it never becomes a problem. I even took on U-Texas as a third team when I lived in Houston. Just fun to root with your neighbors.