Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

We were out of town for the first few days of school so today was Isaac's first day. The morning didn't go quite as I had envisioned.
We rolled into town last night from vacation and hardly had a stitch of food to pack a lunch. I got up at 5:10am so that I could go to the grocery store for some bread before Travis left for work. That mission was successful but I made a serious mistake when I decided to lay down for just a few minutes before waking Isaac up.
A few minutes turned into almost two hours! I must have turned my digital alarm clock off and my 6:15am alarm clock, named Charlie, decided to sleep until 7:23am this morning. The bus comes at 7:25am...we did not make it.

Plan B...take Isaac to school myself. We quickly made the lunch, dressed the boy, ate the breakfast, brushed the teeth, combed the hair, loaded into the car, and took off for school on a rainy day. We got to the school a couple minutes early so we sat in the car to wait. That's when Charlie pointed out my next big blunder by immediately climbing up to the front of the van. He didn't need any assistance getting out of his car seat because I hadn't buckled him in at all.
When we got inside the principle took us down to Isaac's classroom and...surprise!! His teacher Mrs. Long is sick today. Mrs. West is subbing in for her. She made less than a big deal and wasn't too helpful. I think she was nervous herself. I sure hope the rest of this day runs a little more smoothly for this excited Kindergarten boy.
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Hall Family said...

I love the face he is making I believe that to be a totally McGee side face! I can't believe he is in kindergarten good luck my boy! As for the whole not buckling Charlie in well lets just say that I remember a certain someone not buckling there new born into her seat on the way to the airport so don't worry I won't tell on ya!

Aprilyn said...

What a cute boy. I hope he has a great day despite the beginning. He seems like he is the type of kid who can make it a good day no matter what.
I have forgotten to buckle Marshall before but thankfully he's old enough now that he reminds us.

Willy Happy Mama said...

O what a morning you had! Aren't you glad kids are so resilent? He sure looked handsome and rested too. :)

Emily said...

Thanks for being honest about your first kindergarten morning. Most people would have just posted a picture and said it was great. I love to hear real mom stories. At least it will be memorable and it can only get better, right?

Congratulations Isaac! (Do you miss him? How is Theron holding up?)

I am Laura said...

Sorry it didn't go perfectly smooth. Good job Isaac on finishing your first week of school. What a kid.