Monday, February 25, 2008

My Boy

When Trav and I were dating I used to get"butterfly stomach" when he touched me on the back or arm.
He always told me that this feeling would go away eventually.

I didn't believe him.

Well, he was right but only because I am used to his touch now.

I am still just as enamored with this boy as I was the day we met in the stairwell of the Elms.

I confess...I love him.

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Pete said...

Let's hear it for Elms and college romance. Nice pictures. I especially like growling Travis in the last one.

Thanks for the link. I'm sure our popularity will skyrocket now.

Laura said...

Like the song. Really cute. Is it your anniversary?

Britt said...

Nope. We're mid-year. I just think he's somethin' special.

Kimberly said...

Britt, can I just love you? You're so pretty! I especially love the picture of you guys playing Scattergories. It's just so candid, and it looks like you are having so much fun together. Isn't it great to REALLY love your husband? I'm glad there are other people out there too. Sometimes I feel like people with really great marriages are a dying breed. I'm so glad I waited so long for the right one. It's totally been worth it. He's in Singapore right now for two weeks, and I miss him more than I think my body can handle. I guess if we didn't like each other so much, it would be a little easier.

Oh--and I just LOVE that song. It's one of my very favorites right now.

We really need to hang out...and that's that!

Love you!

Sheralie said...

i am not so sure about an epidemic of loveless marriages. it may actually be a love language phenomenon. . . . words of praise are not the only evidence of love. gifts, acts of service, spending time together, and other little (or big) ways may look like insanity to an outsider. but they may be very true and tender expressions of love within a marriage. i think there are a lot of great marriages out there - it seems like every ward i have ever lived in has been full of them.

that being said - i love the pictures, britt! happy love day. who knew 8 years ago how blessed our lives would all turn out? i agree - the petersons should tramp on down to houston one of these days:)

Julie said...

You two are so cute together. I remember meeting you at your bridal shower. How long has it been? My sibblings always new our Peterson cousins were the cutest and sweetest. We were sad when we grew up and learned we couldn't marry them. Ha! So glad you did!

Judy said...

Britt, I'm so happy that you married Trav. You two are the best!

Aprilyn said...

I am happy you two are married. U never saw your wedding pictures. You look so beautiful!

LoGunns said...

Cute couple!