Saturday, February 23, 2008

Car Chat

We went to a chili cook off tonight. Conversations on the way to and from follow:
Isaac: "Mom, mom, mom look over there at that Mario with a cape, over there he's wearing a cape. The Mario over there has a cape Mom, mom, mom can you see the Mario with the cape?"
Britt: "Sweetie, I don't really want to look right now I just want to sit and watch the road while we are driving. Is that ok?"
I: (Sigh...) "Yeah, but you're going to miss all the exciting things."

Isaac: "Mom, when it is summer can we go back to Cape Cod? I really like it there."
Britt: "I really like it there, too."
I: "Remember that house?"
B: "Dawning Day...did you know that house had a name? It was called Dawning Day."
I: "What is our house's name?"
B: "Oh, I don't know. I guess our house doesn't have a name yet. Maybe we should think of a name for our house."
I: (thinking...) "I know how about P-house?"
Theron: "No, I think Yummy Food, 'cause it always has yummy food in it."

We're going to try not to be rash in our house naming. We all agreed this decision should be given a little bit more thought. Any suggestions?


Laura said...

I like Theron's idea of Yummy Food. He is right on with that one -- you always do have good food.

the4bulls said...

I think the P-House is great! But that could be relevant at any time. How about the Single Mommy house - since that is basically what you are for the 5 years here!??!!?

Aprilyn said...

Hmmm...a house about CTP for Choose The Petersons?? Ok, that was lame..I'm still sick. Let's blame it on that and call it a day! :)

Pete said...

How about "Serenity Now"?

And when are we going to get a link from your blog?

LoGunns said...

Hey i made a comment on this one and it's gone. Did you delete it Britt?:)

LoGunns said...

OK my comment was something like.... does the P stand for the potty training and couldn't quite make it to the bathroom House? If so our last house could have been called the P house.