Saturday, February 9, 2008

Don't Ever Forget to Pray

A few of you have asked about President Hinckley's Don't Ever Forget to Pray. Elizabeth Ricks wrote the music and it first appeared in Friend, Apr 2006, 11. The Friend is a magazine that our church offers to children.
Elizabeth Ricks was in a meeting when President Hinckley was asked what he would most wish that the leaders of the church could teach our children. He responded:
Don’t ever forget to pray.
Don’t ever forget to pray.
Kneel down ev’ry night and morning.
Don’t ever forget, don’t ever forget, don’t ever forget to pray.
I get choked up every time I read or hear these words. I don't think I could teach my kids anything more valuable than to converse with the Lord every night and morning.


Aprilyn said...

Those are some really cute boys you've got there. I really enjoyed listening to them sing. They have such great voices!! It looks like Charlie wants to join in the fun too! :)

Aprilyn said...

P.S. I finally got my act together and found this song on the internet. I started singing it to the boys tonight. I told them we are going to sing it every night before bed. When I told Nathan what the song is about, he said "I didn't know prayer was that important." OK, I'm not doing my job right. Better late than never though..right?

KTLADY said...

How precious. I love this video, and I'm so impressed with their great pitch! You have done an awesome job! What a sweet mama you are.